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Our areas of expertise include:

Property Casualty Damage Scope & Cost Analysis
Construction Delay and Schedule/Cost Analysis
Project Management & Auditing
Infrared & Non-Destructive Testing
Building Envelope Analysis
Loss Appraisals
Expert Witness


Respond efficiently, resolve effectively:
Construction Delay, Schedule and Cost Analysis

Our experience in all areas of construction helps us respond quickly and effectively to construction contract disputes and surety bond claims involving contract performance issues on building, industrial and civil projects. From schedule disputes to completion strategies, engineering assessments to cost-to-complete estimates, our experts assist contractors, sub-contractors, owners, attorneys and insurance companies in resolving claims.

Value Engineering

We understand the importance of maximizing performance and minimizing costs of particular construction options - especially on large or complex projects. That's why we incorporate value engineering into both the design and claim resolution process. We review appraisals and construction cost estimates for propriety, evaluate the method and source of line-item costs and determine if the approach is practical and cost-effective. This establishes cost and time-saving alternatives while also maintaining high-quality results.