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Our areas of expertise include:

Property Casualty Damage Scope & Cost Analysis
Construction Delay and Schedule/Cost Analysis
Project Management & Auditing
Infrared & Non-Destructive Testing
Building Envelope Analysis
Loss Appraisals
Expert Witness


Identifying structure damage without destruction:
Infrared and Non-Destructive Testing

Infrared Thermography is a nondestructive inspection technique that can quickly pinpoint concerns in construction, industrial electrical and mechanical systems. By detecting areas of abnormal temperature, IT technology can diagnose problem areas and their severity without more damage to the existing structure.

And at Unified Building Sciences, we utilize this technology to effectively determine the cause and extent of damage to roofing systems, walls, and other areas. Using infrared thermography and impedance meters, we're able to determine the existence and extent of moisture within these systems. These tools, combined with our certified experts' experience, provide an accurate assessment of damage causation - without the extra damage or costs. In many cases, this technology results in substantial savings in remedial costs - especially in roofing.