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Our areas of expertise include:

Property Casualty Damage Scope & Cost Analysis
Construction Delay and Schedule/Cost Analysis
Project Management & Auditing
Infrared & Non-Destructive Testing
Building Envelope Analysis
Loss Appraisals
Expert Witness


Finding problems, preventing disaster:
Building Envelope Analysis

The building envelope is like the skin of your building - it prevents air, moisture and heat from flowing in or out and protects what's inside. It consists of exterior walls, windows, doors, basement walls, ceilings and the roof. By analyzing the robustness of the envelope and checking it for "red flags," Unified Building Sciences can identify problems quickly - and possibly even prevent future ones.

From forensic investigation to litigation support, our Building Envelope Assessment includes:

  • Visual review from both interior and exterior of walls
  • Moisture content evaluations
  • Exploratory openings
  • Window testing
  • Building envelope monitoring
  • Identification of sources of damage
  • Design with sister company, Unified Building Sciences & Engineering, Inc.